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Titans of the track return to Donington Park for Convoy in the Park

Friday, July 14 2017

The British Truck Racing Championship (BTRC) returns to Donington Park on July 22-23 as the on-track centrepiece of the inaugural Convoy in the Park festival.

These racing heavyweights get up to 100mph in racing that is door-to-door throughout the field from start to finish. Over the weekend, these five tonne titans of the track will do battle in nine races across two divisions and there will also be a full programme of enthralling support races.

The BTRC provides some of the closest racing you are likely to see, sometimes a little too close! The 2017 title race is wide open with a number of drivers having already taken race wins - a procession it certainly isn't!

Around the fast curves of Donington, these trucks will be hitting their limiters at regular points and displaying huge amounts of tyre smoke as they powerslide around the corners, piloted by daredevil drivers. You wouldn't want to try overtaking one of these beasts on the motorway!

The Donington round, the fifth in the series, marks the halfway point in the championship. Currently, Mansfield-based Ryan Smith holds a 13-point lead in the Division 1 points standings, ahead of Mat Summerfield, who hails from Burton-upon-Trent.

In between the truck racing action there will be another 18 races, covering a variety of categories, including the Legends Championship, Pickup Truck Championship, Michelin Clio Cup, Mighty Mini Championship, MGOC Championship, Luna Logistics Classic Formula Ford Championship and the CNC Heads Sports and Saloons.

All of these series provide wheel-to-wheel action throughout the duration of the races, making for compelling viewing.

While the truck racing is the on-track centerpiece of Convoy in the Park, there will also be plenty going on elsewhere at Convoy in the Park, including live music, stunts, huge display areas, world record attempts, caravan smashes, food eating contests and much more.

"The British Truck Racing Championship provides some of the closest circuit racing that you are likely to see," said Dan Parton, editor of Truck & Driver magazine. "Seeing - and hearing - these trucks hurtle round the track is a real spectacle.

"But there is so much more to Convoy in the Park - this event is designed to celebrate everything that is great about the trucks and drivers in a fun, family-friendly way."